IT infrastructure management is and will continue to remain the cornerstone of upcoming growth strategies of businesses once the impacts of the current recession begin to ebb. However, the changing market scenarios and business landscapes are expected to trigger new roadblocks that may hinder the implementation of state-of-the-art IT infrastructure strategies. This article highlights the potential challenges for IT infrastructure management that managers may face in 2021.

In the IT industry, change is the only constant. Latest advances in technology add to the versatility of IT infrastructures for businesses. However, it also compels chief information officers (CIOs) to keep abreast of the new trends in IT infrastructure management. Furthermore, the rise of digital businesses has intensified the need for managing data center and IT functions with utmost efficiency.

Today, IT infrastructure and business strategies have become inextricably linked. CIOs always need to be in catch-up mode, as there is so much happening in the IT infrastructure space, technologically. It has become highly important for business leaders to align their IT infrastructure strategies with their desired business outcomes.

CIOs will have to overcome a large number of challenges while linking IT infrastructure management strategies with business goals and the company’s mission in 2021. The year will highlight new IT infrastructure issues that will test the efficiency and competitiveness of the business.

5 IT Infrastructure Management Challenges Facing Technology Leaders in 2021

In the year 2021, organizations would be leaving behind the after-effects of the greatest recession so far. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) projects in one of its blogs that the global growth is likely to rebound to 5.8 percent in 2021. However, the pandemic crisis is estimated to be reflected in the cumulative loss of over US$ 9 trillion to global GDP over 2020 and 2021.

The changing financial situation is expected to impose extreme pressures on businesses, especially in the area of information technology. The new-age challenges of IT infrastructure management are coercing businesses into coming up with ways to boost their agility.

Here are the top 5 IT infrastructure management challenges that leaders will face in 2021.

  1. Cloud Computing – Lack of Powerful Computing Platforms

Cloud computing is emerging as one of the leading factors that will change the future of custom software development. Most businesses are aiming to make a shift to cloud computing as a powerful platform to address the new-age challenges vis-a-vis data storage and computing operations.

In the coming years, the modern cloud computing trends will trigger a unique set of challenges. Primarily, businesses will require their existing IT infrastructure to offer sufficient space and energy to utilise the power of modern hardware as well as software.

With the implementation of powerful cloud computing platforms, IT managers and CIOs will also have to address the issues related to security, customization, and overall performance of the system. Cloud computing infrastructure will trigger the need for constant monitoring for identifying underlying errors in efficiency and performance.

  1. Insufficient Data Storage and Inefficient Data Management

Modern businesses with digital presence are experiencing exploding data volumes, as the collection and acquisition of data has become simpler. In the digital age, data never sleeps for businesses, and it has become more challenging than ever before to manage the enormous amounts of data.

As many businesses today are focusing more on collecting data, managing the incoming data streams is becoming more and more difficult. Losing data due to insufficient storage capacities and inefficient data management can prove extremely costly for companies. Thereby, with the increasing value as well as volume of data, efficient data management will become an important part of the modern strategies of IT infrastructure management.

  1. Unresolved Network and Connectivity Issues

Network and connectivity issues are as critical problems as data management is for keeping IT infrastructure management relevant for the modern times. In addition, poor connectivity can prove to be a great hindrance to the growth of the business, especially when clients start to become more demanding. It makes faulty networks a massive challenge of the digital age.

In the year 2021, IT managers will have to devise their IT infrastructure management strategies in order to continue monitoring network performance and improving connectivity. IT infrastructure management strategies will need to be more focused on improving network architecture and gaining more control over connectivity issues.

  1. Rising Cyber Threats and Security Breaches

The digital age has made data easily accessible for authorised as well as unauthorised personnel of any organization. According to a chief information security officer (CISO) survey by International Data Corporation (IDC), around 80% respondents reported that they failed to recognise excessive access to confidential data in their cloud computing environments.

In addition, complex IT infrastructures, advancements in technology, and complicated environments further increase the risk of cyber threats and security breaches. Thereby, along with network and connectivity, IT infrastructure managers would increase focus on the security prospects of IT infrastructure which include parameters such as network security structures. 

  1. Lack of Budget for Technological Innovations

Dearth of IT resources and budget is one of the biggest challenges that IT infrastructure managers are most likely to face in 2021. Both IT staff and decision makers in the area of IT infrastructure management would agree that budget is often considered as a major roadblock in the implementation of any innovative strategy.

In order to gain a competitive advantage in 2021, businesses will have to deal with this challenge and optimise their investments in the latest technological innovations. Leading IT infrastructure management service providers can help businesses ensure that they align with the modern tech innovations and drive more value for their investments in the area.

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