Accurate tracking of commodities is essential in today’s business scenario to build confidence in investors and consumers that the commodity was responsibly sourced and all necessary regulations were met. Hence, when a Mozambique company was facing problems with tracking their re-bagging and production processes, they approached TechnoGen with the objective of setting up a system to track their commodities and efficiently manage their inventory. We developed a production processing module that addressed their concerns effectively and automated their inventory management, thereby reducing the risks of errors and malpractices. 


The Mozambique team was facing problems in tracking the blending, mixing, processing, re-bagging, and packaging processes of commodities. Inefficient management of inventory further made their problems worse. It was necessary for the client to keep a check on the production processing and re-bagging transactions in real-time to make the procedures more efficient and productive.


TechnoGen analyzed the current system in place initially to understand the various issues affecting the effective tracking of re-bagging and production processes. Our professionals also tried to understand the various factors hindering the seamless management of inventory. After all the evaluations, we came up with a strong production processing module that effectively tracked the re-bagging and production processing transactions in real-time and generated efficient reports.

The production process module developed by TechnoGen empowered the trading company to establish a suitable commodity tracking and tracing process and also enabled them to seamlessly manage their inventory operations. The module also digitized and automated the flow of inventory reports, thereby providing an accurate and up to date view of your inventory. The improved transparency also focused on making the processes more efficient and significantly enhancing the commodity trading efforts of our client.


By offering better transparency and control over the production processes, TechnoGen helped the Mozambique company to effectively mitigate risks and automate reconciliations in the commodity trading and inventory management processes. By automating data capture and inventory management, we made considerable improvements in the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of tracking and tracing activities without disturbing our client’s processes. This way, TechnoGen helped the trading company to digitize their inventory and make the processes more transparent- a factor that is quickly transforming from a business advantage into an imperative.