The IVC team carried out the printing of invoice vouchers and other billing documents once a week. However, with no system for bulk printing in place, it was proving to be a quite tedious and time-consuming task for them. They approached TechnoGen with the objective of adding the bulk printing option to their system. TechnoGen not only enabled bulk printing for them but also added a number of features to make their printing process even more accurate and efficient.


For the IVC team, printing documents for filing such as invoices, APR, TPR, etc was a weekly activity. However, printing a single document one by one was proving to be very inefficient and time-consuming. They realized that they needed to add the option of bulk printing to their existing system in order to make the process more efficient and also save on costs and time.


After the IVC team approached TechnoGen, we upgraded their existing system to not only print invoices and other documents in bulk but also brought in a number of additional features to make the overall process more precise. The bulk printing function enabled the IVC team to save a lot of time and streamlined their processes considerably.

With the mass printing function, TechnoGen also helped the IVC team to narrow down the range of documents to be printed with the help of a number of selection criteria.

  • The print run could be restricted to billing documents referring to specific services or certain insurance providers.
  • Documents or vouchers pertaining to specific modules can be printed.
  • Finally, vouchers or billing documents could be printed for a specific range of period by entering the appropriate date range.

Another feature that TechnoGen offered to the IVC team was making the bulk printing action access driven. This meant that only specified people with access could carry out the bulk printing process. This prevented the misuse of the bulk printing feature and also ensured the security of billing documents. We also made available the option to print the original as well as the duplicate documents but ensured that this feature could only be carried out by the right people.


IVC team witnessed an increase in their speed of operations as they saved up a substantial amount of time that was otherwise being used up for printing invoice vouchers and billing documents. Along with reduced times, they also experienced considerable improvements in their cost-saving efforts. The solution offered by TechnoGen was quick to set up and easy to use. The additional features offered by TechnoGen further improved the operational efficiencies of the IVC team by streamlining their bulk printing process.